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US stock futures slide into the red- check out the Nasdaq 100 futures now

The European stock markets are losing ground and the DAX is falling back towards 17,700 after earlier setting a new all time record high at 17,816. At the same time all the major US futures have fallen into the red. The immediate losses come as the Yen and gold gain and there appears to be an element of risk aversion at play right now. That is because the dollar is gaining versus the European currencies, so all the major Yen crosses are falling back. Perhaps it is wrong to call it risk aversion at this stage, but the moves we are seeing right now to owe some resemblance to that. So, earlier this morning the Nasdaq 100 futures were pricing a reopening as high as 18,125. They are certainly not up there anymore and right now pricing it a lot closer to 18k

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