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US stock futures pare losses after ADP gain-check out the S+P 500

The reactions across the markets to the latest ADP payroll report just now released have seen the US equity futures grasp a modicum of support from that higher than forecast gain. That is perhaps quite positive news for the US economy, but in truth perhaps the likes of the Dow Jones, S+P 500 and Nasdaq 100 futures were looking for any kind of excuse to pare their earlier session losses. However, we are not talking about much of a move here yet and of course the 2pm GMT data is probably more important anyway. That will also emerge on the screens once live trading resumes, so all we are really talking about here is a slight reversal and the US futures are still lower on the day. Earlier the S+P 500 futures were pricing an opening below 5,010. They are just now pricing it above 5,020 

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