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US stock futures edge lower ahead of Q2 reopening-check out the Dow Jones now

As you might expect it has been very quiet here in Europe so far today, with many markets closed and a lack of tradable news for anything that is open to work off. The dollar is pretty much unchanged so far today and if anything just a little higher versus its major counterparts. The US futures are still pricing a higher opening for the second quarter this afternoon, but all three major index futures are now off their best levels seen much earlier today. Much earlier today the Dow Jones was potentially pricing a reopening at, or perhaps even above 40k for the first time ever. However, for the past few hours the Dow futures have been edging back down. That said, the index is still set for a record opening at which to commence Q2 trading. Right now that is at around 39,860 and hence not that far now above where it closed Q1 on Thursday, at 39,807. 

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