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US stock futures edge higher after mixed claims data-check out the S+P 500 now

The US stock market futures are close to session highs just now following the mixed US weekly jobless claims data. That showed an increase in weekly claims, but a fall back underneath 1.8 million in continuing claims. US yields are largely unmoved after this data, but certainly no higher and that is propelling the upside in the equity futures right now. Yesterday the S+P 500 followed the Nasdaq 100 higher and managed to stave off a lower close in the Dow Jones. The S+P 500 closed just 5 points to the better, at 5,211.49. However, since then and earlier today, the S+P futures have been on the rebound and right now they are right on session highs, currently indicating a reopening at around 5,240 in less than one hour from now 

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