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US industrial and manufacturing data rises above forecasts- Nasdaq 100 futures still in the green

The latest US industrial and manufacturing data has just been released and just beaten the street, both rising by 0.9% which was the largest increase since January 2023. The question right now; is this data enough to counter the weaker sales data that preceded it? That remains uncertain just yet, but certainly the dollar and yields have been unimpressed so far by the news. It has helped to steady the US stock futures just now though. The opening will soon be upon us and it does look a little uncertain in terms of all the major indexes right now. Earlier the Nasdaq 100 futures were pricing the opening above 19,950, but that was before the sales data dented the outlook slightly. The index closed last night at 19,902 and very shortly will might find out, if the index can vault that 20k level today. It is just now priced to reopen at around 19,920 

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