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US futures still in the green ahead of CPI report- check out the Dow Jones today

It is less than an hour now before the US release their March CPI data and ahead of that the US stock market futures are still all holding gains. The leader in that regard and in percentage terms is the Dow Jones future. The index closed last night 38,883, which was just 9 points below the close on Monday. Naturally, like most other instruments and indexes, this is going to move on the CPI data and by how much depends on what that data has to reveal. The index is currently priced to reopen at around 38,940, but of course that outlook can change in the blink of an eye later on. The  thing about the price action yesterday, is that the index rejected a move below the prior interim low, at 38,559. The low seen yesterday was set at 38,572. The next resistance of note yesterday was the 21 day moving average, in place then at 39,162 and since busting below that on April 4, the Dow Jones has not yet traded back above it. The high seen yesterday was set at 38,983. So it is probably fair to say right now, that any break outside of 38,559 and 39,162 could deliver an extension in the price action 

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