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US futures rebound-check out the Nasdaq 100 price action this morning

Yesterday evening following the unchanged Fed policy decision and the press conference from the Fed boss, Jerome Powell the US stock markets rose sharply. As noted here at the time, the gains were led by the Dow Jones, which rose above 38,300 (38,349 the high). That rise pulled both the S+P 500 and Nasdaq 100 back into positive territory. The Nasdaq 100 rose from an earlier low at 17,287. It reached a high at 17,667. However, what happened next was a complete reversal of that move and all the US stocks crumbled in the final hour of trading. The  Nasdaq 100 dropped back to   17,314 and closed pretty much on that reversal low, at 17,317, with a loss of 122 points on the day. So, was that a message from the markets to inform the Fed boss exactly what they really thought about his deliberations? Well, possibly it was, but the Nasdaq 100 has pretty much gained back all of that loss so far today, currently pricing the reopening for later on around 120 points above where it closed last night, but Apple awaits tonight after the closing bell this evening 

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