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US equity futures taking a breather right now-check out the Dow Jones

The US equity futures are in the red right now this morning. There was a brief bounce a short while ago after the latest results from HCA healthcare beat the street. However, that seems to have been rather short-lived now. That is not to say any of the three main indexes are much in the red right now, but they are currently indicating a slightly lower opening for this afternoon. The Dow Jones closed last night at record level of 38,333. The new all time record high set just ahead of that close was at 38,343. It was noted here yesterday; that perhaps the index was gunning for a move to 40k at some point in the future and certainly nothing in the price action seen yesterday detracted much from such a prospect. Once again, at the same time, do stress that such a move is not a given by any means. So, the opening outlook for this afternoon is a little negative, but at this stage, not by any amount that could not soon be reversed. The index is currently priced to reopen at around 38,275

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