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US equity futures advance towards a higher opening- check out the Dow Jones now

As the German DAX presses onto yet fresh records highs, it is not leading the US equity futures behind. All three major indexes are now priced for a higher opening today. The US economic data, such as it has been, is endorsing lower treasury yields this afternoon and that is also helping to lift the opening outlook in the next 30 minutes. As noted here earlier today, the Nasdaq 100 was the best performer yesterday and the Dow Jones the worst. Well, the Dow Jones futures are now indicating the index will reopen above 36,200, where it closed last night at 36,124. The index had topped out last week (Dec 1), when it reached a 2023 high, at 36,264. The index could come within striking distance of that 2023 high this afternoon, when live trading resumes 

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