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US Banks reporting in the spotlight for the Dow Jones and S+P 500 later today

Later this afternoon, at 12.30pm GMT we will get two more major US bank stocks reporting their Q4 earnings. The one most on the radar in that regard is Goldman Sachs (GS). GS is ranked number 3 in the Dow Jones, but it is also quoted on the S+P 500, as is the other Bank reporting today- Morgan Stanley (MS). It is fair to say; that these two stocks on their own cannot necessarily shift the S+P 500 due to their overall market cap, but GS can for sure have an impact on the Dow Jones. That said, it is likely the inference for the wider US markets that might matter most, if there is a major surprise from these two later today. The markets are not expecting anything untoward from either bank this afternoon. As usual it could all depend on what outlook statements regarding Q1, 2024 emerge with those earnings reports. Meanwhile, the Dow Jones futures are still in the red this morning, but off their earlier lows, currently pricing the reopening at around 37,420

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