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UK stock markets closed today but the FTSE 100 futures are trading this morning

On Friday the FTSE 100 did eventually rise above 8,200 and later, as the US markets reacted positively to the US jobs data and ISM index, the FTSE 100 rose to set a new all time high at 8,248.75. It could not hold all of that move into the weekly close though, but still managed to end the week with a new all time daily and weekly record close, at 8,213.39. The index is not open today, due to the early May holiday here in the UK. The BOE policy decision (May 9) is a key element as to how the index trades later this week. There will be more to add on that prospects a little later in an update looking at the Pound. Meantime, the FTSE 100 futures are trading today and currently indicating the reopening for tomorrow at around 8,235 

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