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UK Q1 earnings in the spotlight right now for the FTSE 100

Yesterday, had the FTSE 100 been able to post a negative outside day reversal, that is exactly what it would have done. That is because the index set a new all time high and later closed below where it had ended on Tuesday. However, because the Index always reopens unchanged that technical set up is not truly possible. That said, the slide in the Nasdaq 100 futures after the close pushed all the European futures lower and the FTSE 100 was priced to open at 8,000 at one stage. It is off that low this morning amid a slew of UK Q1 earnings reports just now released, The impact of those has been mixed, with beats from Astra Zeneca and Unilever offset by some disappointment from Barclays and Sainsbury. The FTSE closed yesterday at 8,040 after setting a new record high at 8,092. It is just now priced to reopen at 8,045

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