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Two more big guns in the spotlight this evening- Nasdaq 100 futures remain wary

One of the themes noted after the Meta results last night was the time lag that Zuckerberg noted on AI investment producing monetary returns for the company and the huge sums involved to get it there- something in the region of $200 billion, but that might just be the start. This frightened the markets and has led to a 15% slide in the Meta grey market stock price. Now later this evening we get two more of the biggest companies in the world reporting their Q1 results. Both come on, or just after the closing bell and first is Alphabet (GOOGL) at 8.00pm GMT and then at 8.30pm GMT we get the same from Microsoft (MSFT). The combined market cap of these two giants is close to $5 trillion. There will be more to add on exactly what is expected from these giants later today. Meantime, it is perhaps the AI spending outlook from both companies that might matter most and how that impacts the share price after the close, irrespective of whether the Q1 results beat the street. That is exactly what impacted Meta last night and so the risk of more of the same would seem live this evening. That might explain the inability of the Nasdaq 100 futures to rebound much yet today. The index future is off its lows though, currently pricing a reopening at around 17,340 

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