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This time NVIDIA does not come to the rescue-Nasdaq 100 leads US closing losses

As noted right from the opening of US stock market trading yesterday, it was the tech sector and the Nasdaq 100 that underperformed and it remained that way until the close last night. In percentage terms the Nasdaq 100 was the worst performing major index, handing back 1.06% on the session. That compared to a loss of 0.86% for the Dow Jones and 0.60% for the S+P 500. The Nasdaq 100 closed 198 points lower, at 18,538. It was the fall in NVIDIA yesterday that really seemed to do the damage, as that stock handed back 3.77% on the day. Overnight the Nasdaq 100 futures have fallen back further and at one stage indicated a reopening below 18,450. The index is currently priced to open around 18,490 and this downside comes in spite of gains across the Asian markets today 

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