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This time its AAPL that lifts Nasdaq 100 to a new record

Yesterday NVIDIA did not make progress. The stock closed slightly lower, at $120.91. On this occasion it was Apple (AAPL) that surged. Apple closed 7.26% higher at $207.15, which was right on its high of the day too. The reason for the gain was all due to the news concerning AI and Siri. The impact of that gain was to lift the Nasdaq 100 above the previous record high, at 19,113. The index surged to set a new record at 19,212.63, from an earlier session low at 18,966.56. The Nasdaq later closed 135 points higher, at 19,210.19. That was of course a record close too. That record close was in stark contrast to a lower close for the Dow Jones last night and very much at odds with the sea of red seen across the European markets earlier in the day, However, the Asian markets are mostly in the red today, but that has not dented the Nasdaq 100 futures yet this morning. They are still pricing a higher opening for the index later today, currently at around 19,225. 

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