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There is some confusion out there about the S+P 500

In recent days I have read some reports citing all time record highs for the S+P 500. Well, I do not know where those analysts got their information from, because unlike for the Dow Jones and the Nasdaq 100, the S+P 500 has yet to set a new all time high. For the record let me just make it clear, the high for the index was set on January 4, 2022 at 4,818.62. The high seen so far this year has been set at 4,793.30 and that was just yesterday. So, despite coming close, the index has yet to match its peers in terms of me, or anyone else spouting superlatives about it. The index has reopened today at 4,782.88 and it is yet to challenge the current 2023 high set yesterday. Now, if I look at a longer term chart of the index over the past 3 years I can see a solid technical excuse for considerable upside, if that 4,818.62 level is surpassed, but I am not going into detail here yet. So, let us see if it happens first before I do that. 

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