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There is plenty of price action out there in BTC today- check it out now

Since the last update here question the potential for Bitcoin to reclaim levels above 64,538, the rebound from the lows did stall short of that level. Since then it has dipped to just below 63k, only to rebound back above 64k once more. However, it has stalled above that level for a second time and right now the price is threatening that 63k level once more. So, there has been plenty of price action on this one already today and it is far from over yet. A previous update noted; that increasing numbers of professional analysts were now calling for a rise to 130k, or even 150k this year. They might be right of course, but we should never forget the potential self- interest in such calls. Also, since the last one of those hit the news wires, BTC has done little else but fall back. Looking at the charts you can see that this is still undergoing a corrective move lower and that continues to highlight potential to the downside. If you also remember a differing, previous update here mentioned how some technical analysts were also calling for that to deliver a move to below 60k. Well, right now those guys in that camp seem to have the upper hand versus the 130k mob. 

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