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Stocks slide as news emerges of an Israeli response- S+P 500 futures fall further below 5,000

Yesterday evening the US stock markets closed mixed again, with the Dow Jones outperforming again in relative terms. The Nasdaq 100 and S+P 500 closed in the red once more. The Nasdaq 100 and tech sector was again the leader in that regard. The S+P came very close to falling below 5000. The low seen was set at 5,001 and it later closed 11 points lower, at 5,011.12. However, despite erroneous reports (you were warned about a false flag on that here) to the contrary yesterday, it seems Israel has launched some sort of strike in Iran today and that has sent all the financial markets reeling. Stocks everywhere got hammered and there is much to report on all that as the morning unfolds. As far as the S+P 500 futures are concerned that delivered an opening call not far above 4,925. The index future has rebounded now, but it is still pricing a much lower opening for later today. The current indication is for that to be at around 4,969

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