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A steady start for European equity trading as DAX refrains from breaking new ground

It has been a steady start to the European equity session this morning. In truth it looks a little boring right now. The FTSE 100 is not really making much headway, but that cold be for all the reasons mentioned in the penultimate Quick News update. Meantime, the DAX is above 16,800 again having officially reopened at 16,811. The range seen so far has been covered by 16,805 to 16,828. So as you can seem has not moved outside of the 16,753-16,837 range seen yesterday. That will most likely come at some point today, but much could depend on how the US markets fare later on. The US futures are still holding gains, even as the DAX and the European markets seem to take a more cautious approach in the first hour of live trading. The DAX is currently trading at 16,820 

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