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Spain lifts EUR/USD with Italy, France and Germany to come

The final service sector PMI data from Spain was released a short while ago and it was revised markedly higher. Previously that data showed a flash reading of 55.5, from a prior monthly reading of 54.7. It has been revised so 56.1 and that is quite an improvement. That news has helped to push the EUR/USD higher. It has now lifted above 1.0850 following that release. At 8.45am GMT we get a similar final revision from Italy. Then at 8.50am we get the same from France and finally, at 8.55am the same from Germany. Now, if all of those see a similar upward revision as we just got from Spain, it could lift the Euro even more, but of course there is no guarantee that will be the case and it could be the opposite. However, right now, it is the prospect of more of the same that has helped to push the EUR/USD to session highs at 1.0854 a moment ago 

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