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S+P 500 rises again as the song remains the same for Powell

The US Fed boss, Jerome Powell is just now commencing his usual post-decision press conference and Powell is immediately repeating at that he has said before. That entails previous rhetoric about the Fed proceeding carefully and noting the full effects of Fed tightening have not impacted the economy and that the labour market remains tight. I could go on, but I do not want to sound like a broken record too. So, the impact of this repetitive dialogue is not having that much of an impact, but it is not helping the dollar to any degree. It has helping the stock markets though, as all three major indexes rise again. Earlier the S+P 500 lifted to as high as 4,229 and then backed off into the European close. It is now rebounding back above 4,225 once more. However, the reader is again reminded of the resistance level a little higher up, now at 4,243. That is the price point of the 200 day moving average.It is just now trading at 4,224

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