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S+P 500 posts outside day reversal but will it count?

One thing that was noticeable across the US markets yesterday was the fact that the S+P 500 posted what is known as an outside, or Key Day reversal. That occurs when any instrument opens higher, sets a new high and then closes below the previous close. That is what took place in the S+P yesterday, albeit by the smallest of margins. That is because the index opened less than 0.25 of a point above the previous close. That said it still did that and it was from all time record levels too. The index reopened at a 5,026.83 (a record opening level). It then rose to a new all time record high, at 5,048.39, before later closing at 5,021.84. The index had closed on Friday at 5,026.61. So, the question now, is will this matter when it comes to the close this evening? Perhaps had the Nasdaq 100 and Dow Jones followed suit (which they did not), then I might place more importance on this formation. It is not the most reliable for configurations anyway and given the S+P was alone in that regard last night, I am wary of it too. Of course the US CPI data will have an impact on the price action later today. All that said, it would be remiss not to point out what took place yesterday. The S+P 500 futures are currently pricing a reopening at around 5,010 

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