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S+P 500 futures eyeing a potential record later today

As noted here earlier today, the S+P 500 was held back yesterday by losses in the Nasdaq 100 and that led the index to a slightly lower close, at 5,165.31, down by almost 10 points from the close on Tuesday. The all time record high was set on March 8 at 5,189.26. The high seen yesterday at 5,179.14. However, the records set in the DAX and the CAC this morning are helping to lift the S+P 500 futures. So, right now the index is priced to open closer to that 5,189.26 level. Now of course there is much to come ahead of that opening and not least the important US sales and PPI data. It is also worth pointing out; that many analysts 2024 target for the S+P 500 are at 5,200. So, with the index right mow priced to reopen close to that level, those targets could be met later on. Many days ago I ran a series of updates on the S+P, focusing on the super cycle wave 5 count, that could send the index considerably higher than that, but we shall see how it fares today, when live trading resumes. Right ow the index is priced to reopen at 5,183

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