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S+P 500 futures eye another record for the index today

Since my last update on the US equity market futures, all the index futures have risen further. So, right now the Dow Jones futures are once again pricing a reopening closer to 38,800. The Nasdaq 100 future is right now close to session highs and the index is set to reopen above 17,850. At the same time the S+P 500 futures are eyeing a new record too. The all time high for the cash index is in place at 5,048.39. The index closed last night at 4,981.80. It is right now priced to reopen above 5,050 and of course, if that happens it will be a new record for the S+P and certainly a new record opening, even if it does not quite get above 5,048 when live trading resumes. That is assuming there is now significant change in the next 3 hours. The S+P 500 is being driven higher by the Nasdaq  and the tech component crossover with that index. It is just now priced to resume live trading at around 5,051

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