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S+P 500 futures creeping closer to a 5k opening for the index today

Since the European stock market opening today, which has been a positive session all around, the US equity futures have remained in positive territory too. Of course it was a pretty weak close for all the three major indexes on Friday and one where the S+P 500 closed below 5k (4,967), due largely to the losses in the Nasdaq 100 spilling over into the broader market. The Nasdaq 100 narrowly avoided a close below 17k though and the futures are indicating a higher opening for today. That has helped to boost the opening outlook for the S+P 500 and a short while ago the index future almost managed to price a reopening at, or above 5k. Well, so far that level has proved elusive and it looks like a level that might be providing some technical resistance too. Even if the index does reopen higher, and perhaps above 5k today, it is far from certain it will hold the gains by the close this evening. The S+P 500 is right now priced to reopen at around 4,993

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