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S+P 500 flirts with important technical resistance

Yesterday the rise in the US stock markets following the Fed policy decision saw the S+P 500 index rise to a 4,245 ahead of the close. That high was just above the noted 200 day moving average, in place yesterday at 4,243. However, give or take a point or two that was not a conclusive  break. In addition the index later failed to close above 4,243, when ending the session at 4,237. However, the S+P 500 futures have lifted above 4,250 earlier this morning and are right now pricing a reopening at above 4,243. So, it will be interesting to see where the index actually reopens at 1.30pm GMT today. The S+P 500 futures are currently pricing the reopening at around 4,248, as the European stock markets are about to reopen on the front foot shortly 

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