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Something to bare in mind as Gold falls further

It is surely too early to say right now, but as Gold falls back further from where it was at the time of the previous update, here is something to consider now that the price has fallen below $2,175. Gold closed last night in the US at $2,186.39. It reopened today at a record opening level of $2,186.79. That was a higher opening, even if only by a few cents. The charge to a new record at 2,220.89 has now been following by a slide to below where gold closed last night and quite a bit below it right now too. So, if gold closes below $2,186.39 tonight, then it will set in place another of those massive Key Day, or Outside day reversals, from what will be a new all time record high. Of course there is a long way to go before the US close, so it could easily rebound, but if it does not then it will post a technically negative close. The last time one of those happened it was reported here and it resulted in a move than $175 fall from the high- just saying. Gold is currently trading at $2,172.50 

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