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A solid start to US equity trading this afternoon-check out the Nasdaq 100

The US equity markets have been open now for around 20 minutes and it was a higher opening today for all the major US indexes and one that has been maintained so far in early trading. The The Dow Jones is just coming off the boil a bit now though, after rising above 38,375 shortly after opening. The Nasdaq 100 enjoyed a positive start to the day too. The index has reopened above 18,140 and reached a session high so far at 18,145 after reopening at 18,143. However, this is now paring early gains slightly right now too. The overall risk dynamic appears to be much more stable than it was this time on Friday, but to course it is still very much subject to any fresh breaking news from the Middle East. In that absence of that right now, in any kind of negative way, the US markets are making hay while the sun shines for the time being. The Nasdaq 100 is currently trading at 18,137

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