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So will the DAX now fill the opening gap it left open this morning?

As the US equity futures still suffer from the fallout of the higher PPI data, that has helped to push the DAX lower too. Earlier today the DAX reached a new record high, when it traded very close to 17,200. The high seen was set at 17,198. Prior to that,  the index had gap opened higher today, commencing live trading officially at 17,117 (not above 17,125 as noted here earlier). Hence, it had set an opening gap, that I said might get filled at some point today. Well, since rising close to 17,200, it looks like right now its best chance of it filling that gap might be led by the US stock markets, with futures falling back ahead of the opening. To remind the reader, that opening gap was created from the record high seen yesterday, at 17,089, to the opening at 17,117, which right now remains the low of the day. The index is just now trading at 17,135

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