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So far today 151.00 to 151.50 is still covering it for the USD/JPY

The major FX markets are open for trading today, but pretty much on their own in terms of major assets, with so many other markets closed for the Good Friday holiday. The USD/JPY has been trading in Asia today and so far it has not broken any fresh ground in either direction. The range seen has been covered by 151.20 to 151.50. The Dollar closed in the US last night at 151.38. Once again there have been fresh warnings from Japanese officials overnight regarding FX volatility and the level of the Yen. That has not really had any kind of impact whatsoever though and of course the markets are now well aware of all this. Right now the dollar is waiting to see what the US PCE data has to throw at it later on and that is the only game in town today. There will be more to add that a little later on and the impact it might have on the dollar, in what will be extremely thin trading. Meanwhile, the USD/JPY is just now trading at 151.38 

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