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A series of lower short-term highs for BTC worth noting this morning

If you care to take a look at a chart of the Bitcoin price action since this time yesterday morning you will note a series of lower highs. That has seen the lead coin stall each time it has spiked higher and just now it did that again, when topping out a short while ago, at above 67k again. The high seen earlier was set at 67,069. In order to snap that series, it will need to get above 67,162. That is not being ruled out here though, but so far it seems to be running into sellers each time it gets above 67k. Perhaps that is surprising, given the recent slide in the dollar and gains in the US stock markets? Maybe it is just doing its own thing right now? Well, that seems to be the case and the fanfare of buying since the Halving event last weekend, is not exactly unfolding yet is it. The low seen earlier today has been set at 66,133. BTC is currently trading at 66,717

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