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Santa is already packing is sleigh as Dow Jones reaches new 2023 high

Yesterday the Dow Jones might have trailed the tech sector and the Nasdaq 100, but that did not stop it from reaching its highest level of the year to date, when rising to 36,416. That rise further endorsed the noted break above the previous double top on the daily charts, in place just below 36,300. The index later closed at 36,404, with a gain of 157 points on the day. The index futures are right now indicating a further rise on the opening today, reaching almost 36,500 a short while ago. Of course the latest US CPI data might get in the way of further gains today, but if not, it looks like Santa Claus is already packing his sleigh for a further Christmas rally ahead of the New Year. The Dow Jones futures are just now pricing the reopening at around 36,495 

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