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Rotation sees Nasdaq 100 fall back as Dow Jones advances

Since the opening of the US stock markets this afternoon there has been a fair bit of chopping and changing and right now that has resulted in a reverse in the early downside on the Dow Jones and the opposite for the Nasdaq 100. Hence, tech stocks have fallen back whilst the broader market has risen. So, the Nasdaq 100 has now dropped below 19,900 and it is still yet to rise above the 20k level today. That might happen later on, but for now the index has refused to take this level on. Also to note; that the index set a record opening high at 19,962 and also set a new all time high at 19,979.93. It then fell back to a low at 19,834. That means if the index were to close below 19,909 later today it would set a negative close. However, it is way too early in the session to reach a conclusion on that outcome. Besides, the index is just now rebounding again. The Nasdaq 100 is currently trading at 19,888

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