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Records all around as Nasdaq 100 lifts on the opening

The US stock markets have just reopened and it has indeed been another record opening for the Nasdaq 100, Dow Jones and S+P 500. The Nasdaq 100 has reopened at a record of 18,052, surpassing the previous all time high, at 18,041. It is an identical story for the Dow Jones. That index has just now reopened at 39,127 and lifted to a new record a moment ago, at 39,197. The S+P 500 has opened above 5,100 and replicated those records too. So, as stated here earlier, there seems little stopping these markets right now, but there will be swings and it will not necessarily be all one-way traffic ahead of the weekend. It really depends on whether profit-taking kicks in to any major degree ahead of the close this evening. The Nasdaq 100 is just now trading at 18,077 after reaching a new record a moment ago, at 18,091. 

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