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Quad Witching in focus for US stocks today- Nasdaq 100 futures steady right now

Today is the third Friday in June and that means it is the quarter day when so many single stock options and futures, stock index and index futures and options all expire. That delivers what is known quadruple witching and that is what we have today. It is therefore quite interesting at we had those outside day reversals on the Nasdaq and S+P 500 kick in last night ahead of the expiries today. Of course this is all linked, but it does not necessarily follow; that the markets will take another kick lower by the close tonight. That said it could also be a technically negative close that serves as a warning. This is why those negative closes were highlighted here earlier. Right now there is not much change across any of the three main US futures prices this morning, despite the drop back in the likes of the FTSE 100, DAX and CAC indexes. However, it should also be noted; that those markets closed higher yesterday, where the Nasdaq and the S+P did not. The Nasdaq 100 is currently poised to reopen pretty much where it left off last night, but naturally that can change over the next few hours. 

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