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Is the prospect of Trump back in the Whitehouse good for stocks?- check out the Nasdaq 100

The Nasdaq 100 futures are now edging to session highs. The move comes as the S+P 500 futures do likewise and the title of this update asks a very salient question. The doubts over the current presidents ability to even reach the next election, let alone run for it are front and centre of the news this week. Joe Biden is a decent man and I am a fan, but even I have to question whether or not he is fit to stay in office, and certainly not for another term. That does rather offer a shoe in for Trump. We know what impact he had on stock markets when he last came to power and perhaps the markets have this potential factored into the equation? That might in part explain the prospect of the US stock markets setting a run of weekly gains tonight, of 14 out of the past 15. we shall have to wait and see on that of course, but right now it seems a little more than likely unless there is a real surprise to true upside on those US CPI adjustments due something this afternoon. The Nasdaq 100 is currently priced to reopen at above 17,850 

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