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Please remember we have important Central Bank policy decisions early tomorrow

This is just a quick reminder to anyone involved in the Yen, Nikkei 225 and Australian dollar, that there are important Central Bank policy decisions due in the Asian time zone tomorrow that could impact those aforementioned instruments. The first is at 3.30am GMT and it is from the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA). The RBA is not expected to change their current 4.35% OCR (official cash rate). The next comes just after that, at around 3.45am GMT and it is from the Bank of Japan (BOJ), where an increase from the current -0.10% OCR is forecast. The consensus seems to be for a rise to zero, or perhaps +0.10%. So, if if you involved in any of these markets, then please do be aware that any surprises here can throw up some rapid moves across those markets

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