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Outside Day reversals for Nasdaq 100 and S+P 500 - Has the Nasdaq finally peaked?

Yesterday, as covered here at the time, the Nasdaq 100 failed to trade above 20k, despite at one stage earlier in the day the futures price discounting a rise to as high as 20,085. The actual high seen in live trading at was set at 19,979, which was actually a new record high for the index. The opening level at 19,962 was also a record opening, but the subsequent sell-off delivered a fall to a low at 19,685. The index later closed at 19,752, with a loss of 156 points on the day and in the process of doing that it set in place a negative outside day reversal from what was an all time record high too. The S+P understandably did the same thing, but more on that in an update to follow. So, technically speaking that was a pretty negative set up, but as we have seen before, it has very rarely lasted. However, one of these days it will. The question right now; is was that the move we saw yesterday defining a top for the index, after what has been a very impressive run? The Nasdaq 100 futures are a little higher this morning though, currently indicating a reopening for later on at around 19,800 

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