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Onwards and upwards so far for the DAX this morning

The European stock markets have been open for around 25 minutes today and so far it has been a positive start to the session. The FTSE 100 is lagging, as was expected here, when noting the further drop in oil prices. The CAC is lagging too for that matter. However, not so for the DAX and for exactly the same reason perhaps, as Germany has no oil and so lower oil prices can sometimes be supportive. Hence, the DAX has opened higher today, recommencing live trade above 15,800, at 15,806. It has traded to around 15,825 so far, but just off that right now. The EUR/USD is a little higher too and often that is a driver for gains in the DAX. That said, the session is very young still and of course and much can change, but leaving that aside the DAX is leading the gains here in Europe so far in early trade

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