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Once more the Nasdaq 100 leads US stock gains

The US stock markets all closed higher last night. Once again the gains were led in percentage terms by the tech sector and the Nasdaq 100. The index gained 0.69%, compared to a rise of 0.57% for the S+P 500 and 0.45% for the Dow Jones. The Nasdaq 100 peaked at 16,827 and later closed at 16,793, with a rise of 114 points on the session. Overnight the Asian markets are all in the green, with a further surge above 34k in the Nikkei 225. In fact the Nikkei has now risen above 35k for the first since time in almost 34 years. The Chinese markets are all higher too, led by gains of more than 2% in the Hang Seng. This has all fed through into the Nasdaq 100 futures, which are now pricing a reopening at above 16,850 this morning 

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