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NVIDIA price action one to watch for the Nasdaq 100 after 10 for 1 stock split

On Friday NVIDIA conducted a 10 for one stock spilt. That means investors will receive 10 new, lower price shares for every one they hold. So, the price is set to open around 1 tenth of where it closed on Thursday, at around $1,209. The premarket is pricing the reopening for this afternoon, at around $120.35. So, as you can see not much has changed in real terms, but the question now is how the stock trades from here on. If we look at the equivalent price before the split then anything above $127 for the new share price would indicate it has reached new highs for investors holding the stock. Of course this will all have an impact on the Nasdaq 100, when that reopens today. Currently the Nasdaq 100 is camped at, or just below 19k in terms of an opening indication. 

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