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NVIDIA premarket losses send Nasdaq 100 futures further into the red

As mentioned here much earlier today, shares of NVIDIA (NVDA) gave back all their early session gains (to $924) and closed just 0.70% higher, at 884.55. It was that relapse which helped to also send the Nasdaq 100 back from a session high at 18,124. Earlier today the Nasdaq 100 futures were pricing a slightly higher reopening at around 18,010. However, right now the Nasdaq 100 is priced to open markedly lower. The index closed last night at 17,985. It is currently priced to reopen at around 17,860 and if you are wondering why that is, then look no further than at the premarket price of NVIDIA stock right now. It is priced to reopen at around $869, which is clearly acting as a drag on the Nasdaq 100 futures just ahead of the opening in around an hour from now 

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