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NVIDIA holds Nasdaq 100 in Credit as Dow slips again

Well, it is surely not much of a surprise to see that once again, there was divergence on the US stock market close. The best performing index was actually the Nasdaq composite, but we only track the 100 index here and the record close above 17k in the composite helped the 100 index to end the day, 0.32% higher, at 18,869. Both indexes were led to a higher close by the almost 7% gain in NVIDIA yesterday. It was an entirely different story for the Dow Jones though, but more on that in an update to follow. Overnight the Chinese and Japanese markets are mostly in the red and that has helped to push the Nasdaq 100 futures lower. The immediate lines of demarcation later today would seem to be the low point yesterday, at 18,755 and the current record high at 18,907. The index future is currently pricing the opening at around 18,830 

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