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Now even the Nasdaq 100 futures are feeling the heat

The opening outlook for the US stock markets later today remains one of losses across the board. There is some data due out today which might change that, but more on that later. Meantime, even the Nasdaq 100 futures are feeling the heat now today. Yesterday the Nasdaq 100 defied the lower closes in the Dow and the S+P, but right now it looks like the tech index has fallen more into line. Naturally, if we get another significant gain in NVIDIA later on that might change, but at the same time, if that stock does not come to the rescue this afternoon, then the Nasdaq 100 might be in for an entirely different ride into the close. We shall see on that. So, the Nasdaq 100 closed last night at 18,869. Right now the Nasdaq 100 futures are on session lows, currently pricing the reopening at below 18,740

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