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November Brent crude falls towards $92 today

Yesterday the rebound in the price of November Brent crude to above $94 per barrel did not last and as the US and European equity markets fell, the price of Brent dropped back towards $93, from an earlier session high at $94.25. Brent later settled pretty much unchanged on the NYMEX, just $0.02 higher, at $93.29. However, it has fallen back today and heading closer to the $92 handle as the US stock futures turn red and a lower opening here in Europe looks likely in a few minutes. The low seen so far has been set at $92.25 and it is not much above there right now. Also, to note here; that very shortly the November contract will expire and the price on the platform is already quoting the December contract which is currently below $91. Meantime, November Brent is just now at $92.43

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