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A note about Quick News updates and the Dollar next week

There will of course be no updates here on Monday due to it being Christmas Day. Limited coverage will be in operation on Tuesday 26, despite most of Europe being closed. The Japanese and US markets will be open that day though, with Japan also open on Christmas day too. Of course I would not expect much in the way of anything there to be honest. The rest of next week Quick News updates will be in operation as normal and it is worth remembering this is a notoriously treacherous time because a lot of major players will be absent until the New Year and a liquidity dearth can throw up some very spurious moves over this Twilight zone, as I like to term it. It is also worth noting that Wednesday will be spot month end for the year and that could see some significant dollar re-balancing unfold at fixing times then, but more on that next week. A final message on this will be repeated here later today. 

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