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No relapse for FTSE 100 futures this morning

Yesterday the FTSE 100 set a new all time record high, at 8,335.68. However, it could not hang on to all those gains, when it closed at 8,313.67. Nevertheless, that was still a gain of 100 points on the day (+1.22%) and a record close for the index. This morning the FTSE futures look set to see the index lift above the high seen yesterday and set fresh records again today. The lower Pound seems to be assisting that in spite of lower oil prices this morning. The FTSE 100 has the bit between the teeth and momentum remains very positive. It has taken months, if not years to get the FTSE 100 to where it is right now and it might be difficult to detract from that in the short term. The FTSE 100 futures are just now pricing the effective reopening at around 8,330

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