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No rebound yet for gold

Yesterday Gold tried to reclaim the $1,830 level and failed and then those JOLTS numbers hit the screens and the metal immediately fell below 1,820 and looked like it might set a new low on the day, underneath 1,815. Well, of course that did not happen because of the slide in the USD/JPY. That allowed gold to rebound again, but given the size of the USD/JPY fall, gold did not make as much ground as it should have. I would imagine that many wholesale players were disappointed by that, if they were on the buy side. So, Gold later closed in the US at 1,823.02, as the USD/JPY steadied above 149. The price is slipping again right now though, as the USD/JPY edges a little higher. Gold has just now hit a session low underneath 1,820 again following an earlier session high at 1,825.10

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