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No rebound yet for the DAX this morning

Looking across the markets now this morning, the scene is very quiet. The major FX markets are jostling but now really moving much at all. Dollar remains mixed in terms of the Yen, Euro and pound and the Yen remains the strongest of the three right now. Gold is drifting back a little and so are oil prices. The US equity futures are a little higher though, but not markedly so and of course those markets will remain closed later today. Meantime, here in Europe the FTSE has not made any real progress as awaits a whole batch of major UK banks reporting this week, from tomorrow onwards, when HSBC kicks off those earrings reports. The DAX has also not made any progress either. The index reopened today at 17,075 after closing on Friday at 17,117. The low seen so far has been set at 17,059. It is just now at 17,070 

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