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No new records for the Nasdaq 100 last night as Powell sticks to the script

The markets were not exactly expecting anything new from the Fed boss yesterday, when he testified to US politicians on Capital Hill. Well, that is just as well, because Jerome Powell offered little in the way of fresh insights on what the Fed might deliver later this month, on March 20. The US stock markets did manage to all close modestly higher though, but no fresh records were set. The best performing index was once again the Nasdaq 100, which closed just above 18k, at 18,017, with a gain of 119 points on the session. However, the falls across Asia today, led by the sharp reversal in the Nikkei 225, are right now pointing to a lower opening later today. The current indication is for the Nasdaq 100 to resume live trading at around 17,925. Jerome Powell will be talking for a second and final day later on. 

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